Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The world of affiliate marketing can be very complicated and many have struggled for years to master it. These same people have had trouble making significant money through affiliate marketing, since they do not know the secrets of making money. What they do not know is that a never before seen product is now on the market that covers the entire marketing process at once and will truly change the way in which the industry runs.

The product that many marketers are now noticing is Auto Traffic Tycoon Software and it is the easiest and most reliable product in the affiliate marketing industry. In the past, marketers would spend hours developing leads and coming up with people to whom they could market, but that is no longer an issue with this new program. All that you need to do to be successful with Auto Traffic Tycoon Software is point your mouse and click. By doing this, you will have all of your bases covered and will never have to worry about marketing problems again. Auto Traffic Tycoon Software might sound too good to be true, but the fact of the matter is that it truly works.

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Monday, 4 April 2011

Auto Traffic Tycoon Is Easy For Newbies - Even If YoU've Never Turned On A Computer Before

Those who are new to the world of internet marketing usually go through a significant learning curve when starting out. This is because the people who have been marketing for years have a major advantage and since you will be competing with these people, it can be difficult to get started. While many people will attempt to sell you their secrets in order to help you get started, they will usually only let you in on old secrets, while using their current methods themselves. There are ways, however, for you to improve your chances of success, as long as you know where to look.

The easiest way for you to improve your chances of success quickly and easily is through Auto Traffic Tycoon Software, as this software automated much of your marketing for you and will drive traffic to your website almost immediately. You will not have to learn all of these fancy advertising techniques, as you can simply hook up the Auto Traffic Tycoon Software program and watch the results roll in. This program definitely levels the playing field for those who are new to this industry, making it well worth the purchase.

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Friday, 1 April 2011

Auto Traffic Tycoon Software Actually Works Better Than What It Claims

Whenever you purchase automated software, you are running a significant risk. You are spending your hard-earned money on a product that is supposed to help your business run smoother, but in many cases, this does not occur. As a matter of fact, you will find that most of these products do not work at all, as the companies market them as a life-altering product, when they do not even work. This is a major problem in the online marketing industry that must be addressed by all who purchase these products.

Of course, if you are looking for a product that works the way that it is supposed to, you simply have to purchase Auto Traffic Tycoon Software. Not only does this product work well in driving traffic to your website, it is completely easy to use, so you will not waste hours trying to figure it out. This item is truly automated, so you can just set it up, forget about it completely, and watch the traffic begin hitting your website. Auto Traffic Tycoon Software does all of the things that the top marketing in the world do, but it handles it in seconds for your website.

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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Auto Cash Funnel

Auto Cash Funnel: Newbie Terrors Terminated Using This Incredible New System

Sometimes it seems that there are a million and one ways to make money online, but everybody agrees on a three things at least:

1) The money is in the list

This means that you need to capture the email addresses of your customers because it allows you to market to them again and again.

Each subscriber has a 'dollar value' (the industry average is $1 per subscriber) so for every subscriber on your list, you have a money-making asset.

2) Everybody needs traffic

Most people learn this pretty quickly when they start working online.

They create a website or blog, then discover it's absolutely useless unless people visit it.

That's what's we know as traffic ... visitors to your website.

If you have no traffic, you have no visitors ... and you'll make no money.

3) We all need to make money online ... preferably sooner, rather than later!

This is a given of internet marketing.

We all want to make a living from the internet ... but that's often easier said than done.

These are the three things that everybody agrees on, yet for the newbie internet marketer they are usually the biggest headaches.

If you've been online for any length of time, you're bound to have tried blogging, SEO, PPC, article writing ... all the usual suspects which CAN work, do SOMETIMES work, but usually take forever to deliver results.

That's why Chris Freville and Paul Teague have teamed up to create Auto Cash Funnel ... the complete Newbie Terror Terminator!


Auto Cash Funnel doesn't beat around the bush, it goes straight for the heart of the problem, tackling head-on the BIG THREE problems experienced by most internet marketers:

# making money IMMEDIATELY!

# building a decent size list QUICKLY!

# generating targeted traffic FAST!

As well as solving the 3 BIG headaches, Auto Cash Funnel also solves a 4th!

Most people run a mile when they hear talk of HTML and FTP, but the emphasis throughout Auto Cash Funnel is on giving marketers "Guru skills" without them having to lift a finger to anything more than simple 'cut and paste'.

Paul and Chris guarantee you won't have seen the techniques used in this coaching, and the emphasis throughout is on white hat, effective strategies that anybody can use without technical knowledge or having to spend out on expensive software.

So, if you're still struggling in the web wilderness and you're in desperate need of a helping hand, check out Auto Cash Funnel when it launches on Monday 6th December 2010 at 9am EST.



Tuesday, 15 March 2011

FBAutoCash Review... Hype or Hit? **

URL: http://FBAutoCash.com/1348

I had the chance to review FBAutoCash at the weekend... a
brand new course by Mark Anastasi, a successful online
marketer from Cyprus (a small island in the Mediterranean).

He makes millions of dollars as an affiliate, a seminar
host and promoter, and a top JV partner for most of the
big launches that have occurred in 2010 and 2011... but I
had no idea that he was involved in Facebook in any way,
until recently.

Anyway, the course claims that he makes at least $35,000
every month promoting on Facebook. I've seen a few
claims of people making money with the social media
giant, and I've always been skeptical -- for one, Facebook
Ad costs are SO high ($1+ per click for most markets) and
two, I've personally found it difficult to turn those visitors
into BUYERS since everyone is there to chat and check in
with friends... not buy!

So while there are plenty of claims of making money with social
media, much of it seems to be from the 'indirect'
benefits that are obtained by simply getting your name and
face out to a wider audience. To actually start something
TODAY... and make money TODAY... that's a whole different
story. Getting your name out there is a process of acquiring
trust... and building rapport. And that takes time!

So that being said, I approached this course with an open,
but somewhat cautious mind. Was it going to be the same
as every other course?

The claim with this course is that... it has nothing to
do with 'elevating' your name or status. The path to
making money is very direct - you sell a product, you earn
a commission.

Mark claims you can take the guide... read it
tonight... and start making money TONIGHT. Very bold claims!

So... are they true... and if they are, how does he do it?

After reading the course (which is 158 pages, 42 of which
are either case studies or testimonials, leaving approx. 116
of direct, hands-on material), I had sort of a "Doh! Why
Didn't I Think Of That?!" moment... the actual premise behind
how and why this works is so simple, it's one of those
ideas you'll wonder why you never thought of before.

And yes... I can absolutely see why it works, and why there
has been a near 100% success rate for anyone who has
actually followed the course, and stuck with it. It's
actually very difficult to lose... IF you do it correctly.

The strategy is simple - create a ton of Fan Pages, and
promote affiliate links to every fan who signs up.

What will surprise you is the kind of offers that actually
work. It's clear that throwing just ANY old affiliate link
at the page won't work - there are very specific types of
offers that do well, and you'll be surprised what they are...
and actually how to recruit thousands of fans to your new
pages (which is really the lifeblood of the strategy).

If you goof on either of these things - you'll make very
little, or no money at all. Follow the steps that Mark shows
you... and it's clear to see how you can make a killing.
The course explains the process very well.

I read the entire course in one sitting, and here's what I
took from it:

* There's basically 8 steps you need to follow for
making money from Facebook. All of these can be learned
in one night, and implementing them should take 4-5 hours.

* You don't need to use your own name, have any kind of
presence, or know anything about a particular market to
make money in it. You're actually encouraged to use pen
names and remain anonymous. I really liked that concept
because it means we can tackle multiple markets with
many pseudonyms, and dominate them all without tarnishing
your primary name/brand.

* It costs NOTHING to run this entire business. And
when I say nothing, I really mean nothing! This is
something that really hooked me with this model of
making money, and is a benefit not to be understated.
Since you're using free Facebook Fan Pages and not
Facebook Advertising, your clicks cost nothing. No
hosting costs, no domain names to register, no staff
to employ, no product creation expenses, no merchant
accounts. You can promote anything as an affiliate and
make as much money as you want, and no-one has any
claim to any of it. This is a huge benefit because
it means you can build up your income at your own pace,
without racking up bills and overheads that need paying.

* There's nothing really technical about this business
model. Creating a web page means you need to know
HTML, maybe Javascript or PHP, editing graphics, etc.
With FBAutoCash, if you already use Facebook, you know
how to run this business! You're clicking buttons on
the Facebook website that you're already familiar with,
adding friends, posting status messages, etc - stuff
you probably already do with friends of family. It really
is that simple.

* Realistically, it will take around 30 days to see the
kind of income that can start replacing a full-time salary.
That's because you're encouraged to add 100-200
new friends per day, per account, and you'll be setting
up multiple accounts for many different markets. The
general feeling seems to be that it takes around 4,500
to 5,000 Facebook adds (again, you'll do 100-200 per day
very comfortably) for every $1,000 to $1,200 you make in
return. There are also ways you can outsource this, or
(my personal favorite- see below), you can use software
to automate nearly ALL of these tasks for you.

* What I found REALLY exciting is the software Mark has
built to automate adding friends and managing promos
automatically. What that means is, instead of spending 30-45
days to make each $1,200 'income stream', you can let
the software take care of that for you and even run
multiple accounts with it and do in minutes what it'd
take the average person several days to achieve. That's
REALLY powerful. The software is offered as a purchase
following the course and is priced VERY reasonably
for the time it saves and the money you can make with it.
What's really powerful is, you'll be able to walk away from
your computer and come back a little later... to find
hundreds of new 'friends' added to your account. These
are people you can start sending affiliate links and
targeted promotions to immediately.

* This is a rare course in that there are several
students making a solid $25,000+ per month with it (which
I'd consider to be a very decent 'salary' to earn from
one website, with no business running costs), yet the course
is step by step and extremely easy for even a newbie to
follow and make some decent money with. With so many
product launches these days, it's very rare to see
something explained so clearly that so obviously works...
there are screenshots for every step, and everything is
marked in step 1, do this... step 2, do that... format.
Many courses claim it; this one actually delivers it.

So, is it worth buying?

At $37 for the course, my verdict is it's a *WINNER*.

Making 10x the purchase price should be easy for anyone
to do very quickly, if they actually follow the instructions
and invest a few hours into reading the material and
doing the steps.

I'm on par to hit $5,000 this month with the course and
using the software and some of Mark's 'advanced'
strategies (which he recommends you do when you hit
$10,000+). I'm confident I can quickly scale this to 5
figures per month.

With the software, it's made even easier - your workload
is cut down to just a few clicks of the button. The
hardest part is deciding which offers to send to make your
money on - a process Mark has made much easier by showing
you screenshot examples of EXACTLY what he's selling online,
and why certain types of offer work better than others.

The following bonuses also accompany the course (which
add to the package value but honestly, you probably won't
even need them).

- 12 videos on Facebook, including:

* Mark Anastasi (intro to Facebook Marketing Seminar)
* Tom Miller LIVE at The Social Media Millionaire Summit
* Glen Kirkham LIVE at The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Seminar
* Mili Ponce LIVE at The Facebook Marketing Seminar + Social Media Millionaire Summit
* Nick Peall MR FBX LIVE at The Facebook Marketing Seminar
* Armand Morin
* Daniel Priestley

- Audio Interviews with people who already make
$1,500 to $25,000+ using this strategy (these are very
effective, because you get to see exactly what's working
for these people TODAY... including their best selling

* Georgina Lany
* Robert Grant
* Wayne Dobson
* Nadeem Malik
* Paul Wakefield
* Vlad Danciu
* Suraj Sodha
* Imran Naseem
* Sam Bakker

- And the following exclusive PDFs, delivered free
to the next 100 students

* FB Ads module
* FB Events module
* Fanpage Dollars
* How to be accepted in CPA networks (which can gain you
access to exclusive offers to promote on Facebook that
none of your competitors will be selling)

To learn more about the product and grab it immediately
(it's an instant download), use this link:


Dave Peagam

Thursday, 10 March 2011

On Auto Traffic Tycoon Customer Support

If you have ever used an automated software before, you know that the customer service is not always the best once you have purchases the product. This is because once these companies get your money, they really do not need you as much as they did before. That is not to say that they will not provide any support, but there will be times where you will not be able to get the support that you need when you need it the most.

That is where Auto Traffic Tycoon Software is different, as it features some of the best customer support that the industry has ever seen. In fact, the company has three full time support people in place to handle these inquiries, so you can have your questions answered in short order. There is really no reason why other companies cannot do this type of thing, but the fact of the matter is that they do not provide these services for their customers like Auto Traffic Tycoon Software does. You deserve to be treated like a paying customer and that is exactly what Auto Traffic Tycoon Software will do for you.

You can download auto traffic tycoon here: http://tinyurl.com/megatrafficc

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Who else wants to get Facebook Ads for Free!

It's a known fact that almost everyone who starts a website has the same problem which is…

Getting traffic to their website…

Although many people try to pay someone else to handle this for them…

The truth is they're a lot of scams and people claiming to be experts at generating traffic.

People always ask me what is the secret to getting massive amounts of traffic to my site for free.

I have personally tried everything from - SEO, PPC, Article marketing, PPV, blogging, and everything else under the sun.

My extensive tests show that paid traffic is the best kind of traffic for affiliate marketers.

BUT - there are some secrets that a few elite marketers know on how to get paid traffic for free.

The same high converting traffic that others are paying up to $2 per visitor for… I know how to get for free.

Let me say that again.

The same traffic that people pay $2,000 per 1000 visitors for… I know how to get for free.

Do you know what that does for my profit margins?

Did i tell you that eliminates all risk of starting an online business?

Well - how I figured out how to do this is quite interesting…


Before I tell you that… I have to tell you this method is very time consuming.

Well - at least it used to be before I had software created that pretty much does all the work for me in a matter of minutes.

I've never shared this software with anyone before… and the reason i'm sharing it is quite interesting.

At first… I hoarded the software to myself in fear that if too many people used it - then it would become obsolete…

But then - I realized that at the pace the internet is growing… it would take over 500 people using this software in order to make any kind of dent on the hefty profits I have been raking in consistently.

While I have already made well over 7 figures using this software… it's now your turn.

Click Here To Download The Software Now!

Click the link above to download the software while it is still available…

If you see a black page that says "no downloads remaining" - then I am sorry, but all the 500 copies have been downloaded.

Maybe I will open up more copies in the future, but probably not.